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Mission Statement


We at believe that limited access to technological design tools, hardware, software, and development facilities,
is a major issue facing lower and middle income students.  The ArtCrawler Project aims to engage students by not only bringing
these tools to different communities, but by also providing workshops and classes that show how these tools can be used.
Now is the time to meet the pressing need for creative solutions to the growing amount of highly complex and interconnected
challenges that face our increasingly globalized and technologically accelerated world - ArtCrawler is our way of battling the over
challenged educational system and to bring the power of artistic innovation to the people.  We want to work for a sustainable future that establishes a hands on relationship to the things we use and the structures that populate our lives. By demonstrating, cooperating, and facilitating the physical creation of ideas we generate a positive relationship to the design and engineering challenges that our world contends with. Our desire is to help produce a world of confident creative people who have learned to harness the power of technology and who understand the tools driven by it.

The ArtCrawler at the 2015 Maker Fair in San Mateo, CA

The ArtCrawler at the 2015 Maker Fair in San Mateo, CA