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The Perfect Mobile Lab for STEM / STEAM Education

Melissa Terrezza

ArtCrawler, a recycled United States military vehicle, is a mobile community center for new media art practices along with science and education.  This mobile art and science research facility will house the tools of both trades as a composite field study instrument for multidisciplinary project implementation. The vehicle serves as a platform for audio-video recording, 3D printing, CNC cutting, sculpture fabrication, field research/support, material processing and welding, along with being a mobile power station.

The need for mobile STEAM learning centers is immense. The outreach potential of this project is expressed in multiple forms and interactions. As a digital arts lab it can service the needs of schools by connecting learned theories and academic ideas with the fulfillment of completed actual products, ones that correlated with the Steam curriculum. Some of the benefits will be shared through the use of nodal involvement through social media. We will establish a longer term relationship with participants and the ongoing projects that the ArtCrawler will be involved with using this Blog. We hope that the ArtCrawler will become an activity that is so attractive and active that the participants will want to follow up on our recent iterations. Over time it will become an instrument for ongoing education

The types of activities that will be involved with the crawler are pluralistic. We will focus on Digital design, animation, audio video production, and actual fabrication. The principle STEM/STEAM curriculum that we will be able to offer support will be based in Natural Science, Engineering, Computer science, Mechatronics, Design, and of course using Art as the principle creative premise to explore the application of all previous aforementioned context. We have on board a digital microscope with a collection of slides covering everything from e coli to butterfly wings. Images of these microscopic environments can be digitally recorded as photos or video (for live microscopic organisms) and then repurposed to complement design aspects when generating finished projects.

The building of Kinetic sculpture almost always carries a 1 to 1 ratio, correlating with principles of engineering. The ArtCrawler will be building many forms of kinetic, energetic, and sustainable projects throughout its life. In the best case scenario will will be developing a curriculum that others will want to imitate or we may be able package and use as a supplementary revenue stream. The aim of this project is to We will have many chances to bridge the gap from lesson plan to actual realization of said plan into working product with our focus of Mechatronics. We will have various classes addressing the coding environment of the arduino interface. We will also be able to demonstrate and exhibit processing coded projects through or projection interface.  One must understand that this is truly a swiss army knife of art, science, education and community engagement.