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University-Level ArtCrawler Programs

Melissa Terrezza

At UC Santa Cruz we are currently partnering with several different labs and departments across campus. These include the Science-LAB headed by Sue Carter, Associate Professor of Physics, IDEASS, a sustainable engineering group headed by Tamara Ball and Research Staff, and Art Department Chair Jennifer Parker’s OPEN LAB for art science research.
These groups have already expressed a desire to work with the ArtCrawler and have provided a lot of support to bring this idea to life. On average 50 to 120 university students participate annually in these three programs. These groups work on projects that are focused around sustainable engineering and environmentally conscious solutions to problems that are presented to the University by actual businesses in the Santa Cruz county.  The ArtCrawler has been instrumental in providing tools, training, power, and fabrication for projects that require remote installation. The ArtCrawler as a mobile digital arts platform allows for on site documentation and video processing. The video footage will be used to promote the strategies and implementation of the University student projects by using the archive of completed films as part of our lesson plan for teaching STEAM curriculum. For instance, one group was studying sustainable packaging using Reishi mushroom mycelia as a biodegradable filler material instead of standard styrofoam. The video shows the entire ideation process from inception to fabrication.